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Hiring is as tough as it is important. It is also an art and people who do it well deserve to be made an example of. So, with not much further ado we would like to introduce you to the first ever winners of the Workies Awards for hiring ambition!

Last week, we revealed the shortlist for the best hiring and recruitment strategies we’ve seen this year. And we thought is was only fair to share what the winners get — besides all-important bragging rights. All winners will receive the opportunity to level up their hiring chops with their choice of the following prizes:

The educational bias of the awards reflects how we think about hiring. Talent is not a war, it’s a sphere where there’s plenty to learn from each other. Finally, all winners and finalists will be snail-mailed a Workies Awards swag pack.

And now — cue drumroll — here are the winners.

Small Business  of the Year

Mention is a Workies winner for best hiring and recruiting strategies.
image via Mention

Mention: A company doesn’t need to be huge to have a huge impact. It’s absolutely true in Mention’s case. Founded in 2012 and operating in New York and Paris, Mention’s online media monitoring tool is used by 350K customers in 125 countries. Phenomenal work by a team of 27 ambitious and talented rainmakers.

Best Careers Page

Movio is a Workies winner for best hiring and recruitment strategies.
image via Movio

Movio: Have you met Movio? They’re a top analytics tool for movie marketers, and they’ve created an uncluttered, visually engaging, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use career page using the Workable API. They’ve created a great experience for candidates whether they’re on their desktop or on the go. We’re particularly like the way they’ve introduced their executive team, with both video intros and social media profile links.

Best Referral Program

eFounders is a Workies winner for best hiring and recruiting strategies.
image via eFounders

eFounders: We were hard-pressed to find a referral program that was cleverer than the one that eFounders put together. They used tools they were already using (Slack and Workable) to tap all their networks, refer candidates, and streamline their entire hiring process. It’s an efficient, automated process that could work very well for your own team. Here’s how they did it.

Best Job Description

Helpscout is a Workies winner for best hiring and recruiting strategies.
image via Helpscout

Help Scout: How do we know that Help Scout is serious about their job descriptions? They’ve provided advice on how to write better job descriptions and unique tips to improve your current descriptions. It’s some of the most insightful reading we’ve seen on the topic. It’s clear that they understand and respect their target audience. See this job description for a Writer. Note the emphasis on high-quality content, what they say about their company culture, and how they’ve provided the names, titles, and backgrounds of their candidates’ potential teammates.

Best Employer Brand

Lost My Name is a Workies winner for best hiring and recruitment strategies.

Lost My Name: Building a reputation as a desirable place to work plays to Lost My Name’s strengths as storytellers. These creators of beautiful, personalized children’s books attract candidates by sharing the inspiring, relatable story of how they brought their passion project to life. But just because they’re purveyors of whimsy doesn’t mean they’re not savvy leaders and entrepreneurs. Lost My Name gives candidates access to growth charts, funding news, team structure — pretty much everything that skilled, driven candidates might want to see while researching potential employers.

The final three Workies winners are decided by our own data. Here they are.

Recruiter Award

Daniel Ayscough is our superest of superusers. According to our data, he is the busiest recruiter using Workable. Well done, Dan. Way to close out a big year.

Talent Magnet

What’s cooking over there at Riskalyze? Whatever it is, candidates are loving it. With over 200 applicants per open position, they’ve got a great hiring game.

Rocket Ship Award for Team Building

Babbel‘s bringing home the Rocket Ship Award for hiring 100 new employees through Workable this year. Based in New York and Berlin, the team behind this language learning site  will continue to hire a lot of people in 2016. This past July, they also completed a whopping $22m round of Series C funding.Congratulations!

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Christine Del Castillo

Christine Del Castillo was the Community Manager at Workable. She wrote about employee experience, talent brands and our event series Workable Ideas. She tweets @chrissachrissa.

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