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In my first week at Workable I sat down with Nikos, our CEO, and he told me we needed to “show our customers some love”. He was talking about making a serious investment in our client base. Taking time to say thank you for the support we receive from our customers and for the generous comments on Twitter, via customer success calls and emails.

So, together with the marketing team I got to work selecting 20 cities around the world and defining what a customer world tour looked like. It would be Workable’s first event series – where we’re actually face-to-face with people who use Workable daily. An opportunity to hear their biggest recruiting challenges, understand their workflows, and learn how we can make their hiring process even easier. We’d have the chance to communicate our most recent updates and get customers involved and excited about the roadmap and features to come.

We knew we had more to offer than just a tasty cocktail and some free food. But what we underestimated was just how much our customers were going to offer us. Getting feedback on this year’s new releases has been invaluable; custom pipelines, integrated sourcing, additional training after implementation, custom reporting and more.

We’ve also learned that customers are keen to discuss what they’re working on; that they have a passion for what they do and (my favorite) so many truly love Workable. It’s been exciting to see that Workable users enjoy networking with each other too, and sharing best practices and recruiting hacks. I’ve learned first hand, just how fun – and hardworking – our customers are. There’s a palpable sense of pride at Workable that we get to call such smart groups of people our clients, and I can see why.

Meeting customers in Chicago, London, NYC, Seattle and Boston has been a fascinating introduction to Workable and a great learning experience. Building the foundations for successful relationships is the true goal of the Workable World Tour and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone who has joined us so far.

But it’s not over yet! If you’re using Workable and would like to join us, check out the places we’re visiting next. We’ll be in San Francisco, LA, and San Diego at the beginning of August, before we head off to Toronto and beyond. Whether you come alone, with a co-worker or an industry friend, we’d be thrilled to see you.

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Whitney Klepadlo

Whitney was Workable’s global events manager. She was sharing the latest updates on the events we were hosting and how you could register to attend. Workable also exhibits at major HR and recruiting events throughout the year.

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