Workable partners with Jobbatical, a global job board and candidate database

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As competition for top talent grows, employers are casting their nets further in the search for the next great hire. With evidence pointing towards an increasingly borderless workforce (research shows that 37% of individuals are willing to relocate globally), it seems that’s a net worth casting. Which is why we’re so excited to announce our recent integration with Jobbatical.

An exclusive database of global talent ready to relocate, Jobbatical helps companies hire beyond borders for top business, tech, and creative professionals. As many job skills are becoming global, Jobbatical addresses how and who to hire for strong global teams. They propose that hiring internationally casts a wider candidate net, finds the best fit candidate, gains fresh perspectives from international talent, and cracks new markets.

With 100,000+ people in their database, they offer a rich and skilled candidate pool for cross-border hiring.

A global hiring plan

Jobbatical offers employer branded solutions, opening the gateway to smart creatives across the globe. 

Dedicated copywriters first draft and broadcast a bespoke job ad across their 100,000+ global talent pool. A 60-day campaign then follows, which includes:

  • sharing the add on social media channels
  • sourcing qualified leads from Jobbatical’s own candidate database
  • filtering applications
  • ongoing customer support.

Once you’ve sourced your dream hire, they’ll also provide an immigration service to help relocate them. 

Get integrated

If you’re already using Workable and Jobbatical, find out more about activating the integration. If you’ve yet to try Jobbatical, why not find out more.

If you’re interested in sharing your product or service with Workable customers, take a look at our Developer Partner Program.

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Heath Allen

Heath is the Director of Partnerships at Workable. He posts regularly to announce our latest partnerships and integrations. Interested in partnering with Workable? Find out more.

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