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Making it easier for our users to build diverse teams, we’ve recently formed a partnership with culture fit assessment provider, ThriveMap.

Studies show that diverse teams build stronger, more creative businesses. A homogeneous workforce, although arguably easier to achieve, tends to be less innovative and in turn less resilient.

Measuring culture fit

ThriveMap is a tool that measures the culture fit between people and teams. It enables better hiring decisions by objectively assessing how your candidates like to work, and comparing that to your team culture. The culture fit measurement is based on the work environments in which people thrive—not on personalities.

Each assessment is bespoke, based directly on what your teams do day-to-day. Even better, it only takes only five minutes to complete.

Providing actionable data

Having assessed culture fit, ThriveMap’s software outputs easy-to-use analytics. This data goes directly into the hands of your hiring managers; the people who are most impacted by hiring decisions.

Armed with relevant, actionable data and insight, your managers can use ThriveMap analytics to improve their team’s performance.

Improving performance

ThriveMap helps managers understand how their teams like to work. This gives managers the opportunity to improve culture, and in turn, raise performance. It does this by providing insights on how a team would like to work compared to their manager’s management style. This encourages higher productivity in a team’s current state and when new members are hired.

Evidence shows that ThiveMap helps improve hiring accuracy, reduce employee turnover, increase team harmony, enhance candidate experience and minimize hiring bias.

Integrating ThriveMap with Workable

By integrating ThriveMap with Workable you can identify the candidates who would thrive in your team.

Once you’ve activated the integration, you’ll be able to send a ThriveMap assessment from the candidate’s profile. When the results of the assessment are available, you’ll receive notification via email, and your Workable inbox, along with a link to log in to ThriveMap and view the results.

If you’re already using Workable and ThriveMap, see how to activate the integration and make ThriveMap an embedded part of your recruitment process.

If you’ve yet to try ThriveMap, find out more.

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