Workable integrates with Jamie AI for a smarter way to find data science professionals

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Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are still relatively new and expanding fields. As such, employers of all sizes and every industry from retail to gaming are starting to ramp up their in-house capabilities. Experts in this field are in high demand, the Harvard Business Review has gone one step further, describing ‘Data scientist’ as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”.

Helping companies to streamline their recruiting is what we do at Workable. We like to help solve the harder recruiting tasks, wrapping them up into an affective, flexible workflow. Partnering with specialist services helps make this a reality, which is why we’re pleased to announce our latest partnership with JamieAi, a service that helps connect employers with data service professionals across the UK, France, Netherlands, and Germany.

As you’d expect from company in the data science and AI space, there’s some smart technology behind the scenes. JamieAi makes recruiting quicker and cost-effective, while ensuring a match with candidates on a range of technical, cultural and personal attributes.

Combining human and AI expertise, JamieAi ensures only qualified applicants with the right skills and interests hear about your role. Providing an unbiased and effective way to hire, the integration ensures that you and your hiring team retain full control of the hiring process.

Setting up the integration with JamieAi is simple. Once authenticated, you’ll be able to link up JamieAi postings with jobs from your Workable dashboard. Once the jobs are linked, candidates matched through JamieAi will be visible directly in your Workable hiring pipeline. From here, you can gather feedback, plan interviews and assessments, exactly as you would with candidates for any other role advertised via Workable.

Find out more about setting up the JamieAi integration.

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