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Great onboarding leads to higher retention rates. It also means you don’t lose your preferred hire before their first day. But, according to Gallup, only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job of onboarding new hires. Well, the good news is, nailing your onboarding process just got easier. Partnered with Workable, our new Click Boarding integration means you can give every new hire the best onboarding experience. And keep hold of talent you’ve spent time, energy and money finding.

The missing link in the hiring chain

Companies can spend thousands on recruitment marketing, employer branding, job advertising and more, to find, attract and hire the best talent. Costs are even higher for hard-to-fill positions. Most also invest resources into providing an engaging, motivating and rewarding experience for their employees. But often, there’s a gap in between the two; a gap a lot of people (maybe you?) have experienced.

The time between accepting an offer and the first day is part of the candidate experience which is often overlooked. Why? Recruitment teams tend to move quickly onto making their next hire, while HR’s focus is on first day admin. Waiting in limbo, this broken link can lead to candidates feeling disengaged and unconnected.

Delivering a poor recruiting and onboarding experience risks your new hire becoming a no hire or a very short hire. The answer? Use software to standardize, automate and engage.

Creating successful onboarding experiences

Click Boarding’s onboarding software streamlines the administrative process for HR and the employee. From forms and checklists to tips and tools for engaging new hires, the result is a smooth and enriched onboarding and transition experience.

Sharing company information ahead of day one is a great way of reinforcing your brand and making an early, meaningful connection with new hires. Click Boarding actively engages employees by providing on demand access to everything they need. And the results speak for themselves, with companies seeing:

  • 50% increase in employee retention and company loyalty
  • 77% of new hires more likely to hit the first performance milestone
  • 18% improved new hire productivity and performance

So, it’s not only saving on the high cost of a hire that doesn’t work out, it’s making every new hire more successful.

Why Workable and Click Boarding?

With Workable and Click Boarding working together, you have an end-to-end Talent Acquisition solution; from new candidate to successful new hire. Set-up is quick and straightforward. And, once activated, candidates moved to the ‘Hired’ stage of your pipeline will be automatically exported and created as new hires in Click Boarding.

More integrations coming soon

You shouldn’t have to be a systems implementation expert to have a great experience across all of your hiring tools. We’re always working on new integrations so that everyone’s hiring tech stack works together. If you’re a Workable user and have a tool you’d love to see integrated with Workable, let us know! If you’re a software provider, why not find out more about our Developer Partner Program and get involved?

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Rob Long

Rob Long is VP Partnerships at Workable. He's a former recruiter who writes mostly about hiring best practice. He tweets at @_roblong.

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