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In the last 15 years I’ve used a lot of HR Tech. When I started, I didn’t think it was even called HR Tech. The green screen of the system I used in my agency days is still burnt into my retinas. It was followed by a slew of bulky, ERP bloatware, all of it dehumanizing at best and logistics for humans at worst. I’ve lived the days of having a million workarounds for systems that didn’t really do all that was promised in the flashy sales demos.

Technology has transformed the way the HR and recruiting industry operates and forever changed the roles of the people within it. In all these changes and the new flurry of HR tools one thing hasn’t changed, that’s my desire to offer people a human experience and to make the application process as pleasant and as painless as possible for everyone involved. Not all the new HR Tech out there has the same goal but I found one that does.

I first used Workable way back in April 2014. Like a lot of people I’d grown tired of having a million ways to circumvent the clunky features of the systems I was using. Unlike a lot of people I was working with a VP of Engineering who was sneaky enough to think about using his own system and hiding it from HR! Since that time I’ve introduced many companies to Workable, it’s been the go to system from my toolkit each time I arrived in a role.

In many ways I’ve grown up with Workable. In the time I’ve been using the product it’s changed dramatically. A whole host of new tools have come and gone but Workable has stayed with me.

I was trying to think why Workable has been a constant for me and realised it’s because philosophically, Workable matched how I thought hiring should be done. It wasn’t dogmatic in making me work a certain way, it didn’t mandate the how and when of hiring but allowed me to build and manage the right process for the business I was recruiting for. It didn’t get in my way, more stood beside me, made me and my team better at our jobs and made me look good to my hiring managers.

So after 15 years of hands on sourcing and hiring across multiple industries and countries I’m joining Workable. It’s not been an easy decision for me, the poacher turned gamekeeper analogy loomed large in my mind.

For me this wasn’t about joining any old vendor, I could only ever have joined Workable.

So far I’ve found a company full of crazy intelligent and diligent people – it’s good to feel the sting of some imposter syndrome after being comfortable and self assured in a recruitment role for so long.

So what will I be doing? My title is VP of Customer Advocacy which is a very grand sounding catch-all for helping to build the user community, speaking at events and conferences about how we can all hire better and trying to help Workable build great products and experiences that delight customers.

Most of all I want to be useful and help Workable’s users to continue to make hiring as painless and enjoyable as it possibly can be…

…now, who wants to buy an ATS?

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Matt Buckland

Matt was VP of Customer Advocacy at Workable for two years in the London office. You can find him on Twitter at @elsatanico

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