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Interview scheduling, resume parsing, social profiles, up to 55% discount on Monster, redesigned applications forms and new themes. There. I wanted to keep this short, but there’s so many new features, you might want to read on for the details. Here’s what you’ll find when you sign in to the new Workable.

Calendar integration

Create calendar invitations straight from the candidate’s page. Easily add your office locations for onsite interviews or include skype and hangout handles for screening calls. Stay on top of your hiring schedule with the agenda view that shows all upcoming interviews and calls, automatically synced with every individual’s personal calendar. Invite candidates and interviewers alike – it works with any calendar they use. Candidates will appreciate the branded event summary page showing times, interviewers and even driving directions to your office!

Resume parser

Importing resumes is a breeze now. Just drop a bunch of them on the candidate browser and watch our resume parser do its magic. Names and emails are automatically extracted and pre-filled for you. Photos of candidates are pulled in from the internet. Oh, and every bit of text in the resume is searchable from the candidate database.

Social data

Googling is so last year. Now, Workable automatically searches all major social networks for public profile data of every candidate. You’ll see links to matched profiles on the candidate summary page. We’ll even pull in their profile picture if they didn’t provide one already.

Layouts, themes and application forms

We simplified the application process to help you get more candidates and more accurate job applications. Forms became easier to fill in, everything can be done in a single step and candidates receive a pretty summary of their application by email.

We introduced a cleaner, contemporary design for career pages and gave you more options to customise the layout and colour scheme of your job listings and application forms.

Monstrous discounts

We partnered with Monster, one of the biggest job sites in the world. We got exclusive discounts that will save you up to 55% off the list price for job postings. Monster is available in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and Ireland. You can now publish your jobs on Monster from Workable with a single click. Candidates will be sent straight to your Workable dashboard, as with all our other job site integrations.


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