Putting the tracking into applicant tracking

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This week we released a new version of Workable that will change the way you engage with candidates from the day they apply for a job until they walk through your door.

There’s too many new features to list in a single post, but here’s a few that you’ll want to try:

Trackable communication with your team and candidates

Send emails and capture candidate replies, share the conversation with your colleagues and keep all the communication history in the candidate’s profile.

Email templates for candidate communication

We added several templates for interview invitations, rejection letters, etc. but you can also create your own; customize and personalize them with variables that fill in the candidate’s name or the title of the position.

Bulk email to save time

Shoot an email to multiple candidates with a single click and save yourself the task of writing multiple rejection letters. Just select the candidates in the panel on the left, and create the email on the right. Use templates with customized variables to speed up the process.

bulk email job candidates

Four new job boards

Now you can auto-post your jobs to Indeed, SimplyHired, Recruit.net, JobRapido, Trovit and Glassdoor and more reaching 200+ million job seekers with a single click. Posting to these job boards is completely free and Workable saves you the hassle of logging in to every one.

Advertise jobs with Workable

New job application form

We’ve also enabled several new ways for candidates to apply, including plain resume applications and single-click apply through Indeed.

A new way to browse candidates

The Workable candidate browser 2013

We’ve re-arranged the candidate browser to give more space to candidate profiles, including new sections for cover letters, uploaded resumes and the brand-new “timeline” that shows you the entire history of actions, emails and feedback about a candidate in one simple view.

We hope you enjoy it, and we’d love to hear your feedback.

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