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Workable customers have posted over 400,000 jobs, generating over 19 million candidates. With this in mind, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to create an effective job post.

In our recent research for the Benchmark Hiring Report for London, we found that 26% of jobs were filled by candidates applying from job boards. Job boards aren’t dead – and they’re not dying as fast as some would have you believe.

Another 13% of new hires come direct from companies’ own careers pages. So getting your job adverts right is a vital first step in attracting the best talent. Well written job adverts generate more applicants – and those applicants are more likely to be qualified for your role.

Like so many things, a good job description starts with a solid structure. We’ve always strived to create not only an easy-to-use interface but one that genuinely guides you through the process. This helps ensure that you have the right details to attract candidates and to get the job accepted – and syndicated quickly to the most relevant job boards.

Over the past few months we’ve been putting in the hard work to make this process even simpler. Our updated job editor makes it even easier to target the right candidates with an effective, SEO friendly ad.

She’s not a Software Ninja Rockstar or a Softwre Enginear, she’s a Software Engineer

how to write an effective job title

We’ve spoken before about why it’s fine to have a ‘Ninja Developer’ in your team but why you’re far better off advertising for a ‘Software Developer’. Workable now auto suggests the job titles that match not just what you’re really looking for but the titles that potential hires are searching for. The result? Your job is seen by more candidates who are searching for jobs like yours.

Does anyone want a 1,000 mile commute?

add a location to your job post

Not often. The longest average commute time in the US is 35 minutes. Unsurprising perhaps, that it’s in New York. But why do applicants apply for jobs in distant locations with no plan to commute or relocate? Sometimes the specified location in the job ad is the problem.

To combat this issue and attract the most viable candidates, job locations in Workable are powered by Google. The higher degree of accuracy this provides results in better targeted ads which in turn means less time screening inappropriate applicants.

Filling in fields is boring

When you need to advertise a job asap, it’s tempting to skip over a couple of fields just to save a little time. The trouble is, those fields ensure that your job is seen by the the most relevant talent. If you’re recruiting from the US, it’s highly likely that the salary is in $USD… and if your company is in the IT industry, there’s a high probability that the jobs you’re hiring for are in the IT industry too. Where possible Workable saves time by pre-filling the fields it already has the information for. They’re editable – so you can always make a change, but if the job is standard and you’re in a rush, every little helps.

We’ve got your back

No one was born knowing how to write a good job ad or how to find and contact passive candidates. So these updates make it easier to create effective ads, targeted to the right audience. For further hints or tips on crafting exceptional job ads, check out our recruiting resources or jump straight to our job description template library. Happy hiring!

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Rob Long

Rob Long is VP Partnerships at Workable. He's a former recruiter who writes mostly about hiring best practice. He tweets at @_roblong.

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