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Workable’s ATS links up with a powerful set of external apps and tools to extend your reach, capacity and potential for personalizing your hiring toolkit.

In a series of blog posts customers from different sectors and of varying shapes and sizes explain why they use Workable and how it’s impacted their recruiting and hiring process.

Based in Utah, HireVue provides recruiters with digital video software and predictive analytics to attract and assess candidates and build high-performing teams. Experiencing significant growth with Fortune 500 companies, demand for their software is increasing.

In this post, they show how easy it is to scale your hiring operation using Workable’s ATS and its many integrations.

“Because talent lives in unique places”

Transforming the way recruiters interact with new talent, HireVue provides digital video software to attract and assess candidates and build new, high-performing teams. It also specializes in predictive analytics. Clients use HireVue data and insights to support faster, more productive and successful selections.


HireVue believes in the power of technology. But it also believes in people. Its fully automated, smart suite of digital hiring software is primarily a channel connecting recruiters with candidates. Their video technology gives life, personality, energy and an all-too-undervalued human voice to the early stages of the recruitment process.

“We believe in the human element. That everyone has a story to share is the foundation of our company. We listen to each person’s story. We have chosen to do that because talent lives in unique places,” Abby Mathews, Recruitment Marketing @HireVue.

Making these enriched connections possible for its customers, HireVue mirrors this in its own recruitment strategy. HireVue’s talent acquisition team consists of just two people; John Grotegut and Abby Mathews. Despite being a small team, every candidate interested in a role at HireVue can submit their own video interview. And every video gets screened.

Founded in 2004, HireVue has seen significant growth with Fortune 500 companies and demand for their software is growing at pace. Which means an ongoing need for more talent.

Managing a high-volume, high-achieving, enriched, end-to-end hiring process requires a smart approach to managing workflow. Particularly when you’re a small team. So, how do they do it?

Here’s how…

At the heart of HireVue’s hiring success is a fully integrated and automated approach powered through Workable’s ATS.

“We automate as much as we possibly can. Starting with our product suite. This is how Workable plays into our ambition,” Abby Mathews.

Automate, automate, automate

“Between Abby and I, we’re handling four times as many requisitions per headcount as most of our competitors in the area. Workable allows us to automate our applicant tracking system and using its many diverse integrations we can scale up to a really powerful operation with just two people,” John Grotegut, Head of Global Talent Acquisition @HireVue.

Being a smart-tech company, HireVue had already invested in an ATS to manage its recruitment. But the ATS wasn’t growing at the same pace as HireVue. It didn’t support the collaborative, fully integrated approach required to meet the growing needs of the business and the team.

“We had an ATS we liked. But it didn’t allow collaboration with our wider team. It met some of our automation needs, but not everything. When we started looking for a new ATS one of our requirements was for everyone to be able to log in and use it in some way. For employees to see our jobs. For hiring managers to communicate, see the workflow and the process, and to be involved as much as they want and need to be. Workable met this need perfectly. But what also interested and swayed us was Workable’s integration with Zapier. With that API we were able to automate initial tasks and the process of our ATS,” John Grotegut.

Integration #1 – Zapier

Linking apps, triggering workflows, sharing information across different tools, HireVue quickly saw the benefits of Zapier’s integration with Workable’s ATS.


“When our candidates apply to a job they, of course, get that initial email from Workable. But using Workable alongside Zapier also allows us to build up an automated series of events. So they then get an email from our recruiting team, thanking them personally for applying, and giving them more info about our company and our values. We can then follow that up too. Zapier allows us to delay and customise emails. So we then send out a series of follow-up emails; inviting them to do an online interview and introduce themselves for that role. We can create templates and pick specific interviews for each candidate,” John Grotegut.

Using a powerful combination of Zapier, Workable and its own systems, HireVue has set in motion a series of ongoing, automated actions. From triggering candidate emails to importing candidates into Google; setting up Slack alerts for new applicants to creating marketing lists through MailChimp; time-consuming but essential admin tasks are lifted from the team. This creates a more effective hiring process and frees up valuable time for sourcing passive candidates.

“This is us using some of our technology, some of your technology, and then combining it with Zapier. We can keep candidates warm and notified throughout with some clever automation. We’re a small team. A team of just two. Abby focuses on employment branding. I focus on recruiting. Our goal is to automate the whole applicant process. We can then spend our time outreaching to senior level candidates for roles we’re not going to be able to fill through that automated approach,” John Grotegut.

Integrations #2, #3 and #4 – Namely, Facebook, LinkedIn

Linking up with Zapier triggered a series of different, time-saving integrations for HireVue. All achievable through Workable’s ATS.


To automate onboarding, the team use Workable’s ATS integration with HR, payroll and benefits platform, Namely. Information about hired candidates is now exported directly from Workable into HireVue’s Namely account. A simple, one-off setup ensures all available candidate data feeds directly into Namely on an ongoing basis for all future hires. So everything from contact information to start dates, from resumes to LinkedIn URLs.

To automate job-posting, the team uses APIs provided by Workable to add new positions to its Linkedin Recruiter and Facebook accounts. HireVue already maximizes exposure using Workable’s one-click, integration with multiple free and premium job boards. By also syndicating Workable with these two key professional networks they ensure hiring information is visible and consistent across all accounts.

“We’re on a mission to make HireVue a verb, so it’s incredibly important for candidates to have visibility into our employment brand on various job boards. Workable provides an easy solution for posting jobs so we can focus our efforts on buying ads,” Abby Mathews.

Continuing to build great hiring processes

Integrations supported through Workable’s ATS have transformed the team’s operation and shifted its focus.

“Workable allows us to completely automate our applicant tracking system and capture candidates we can interact with in the future. But it also opens the door to so much more. By using its integrations we can massively scale up our operation with just two people. This is a real bonus for us and gives us tremendous power, potential and resiliency,” John Grotegut.

The clever, creative approach and progressive vision of the small team have also powered the transformation. Aware that by building effective hiring processes they’re building a stronger future for the team, John and Abby continue to explore other ways to automate workflow. And using Workable factors highly in all of this.

“We’re growing as a team. We’re becoming more efficient with every role. But there will eventually be a time when we hit a tipping point, when we’re more efficient and we have our process but we need to hire more people because our customer-based requires it. That’s why we’ve tried to automate so much and prepare. We’re always trying to build great processes and think about that. Workable is a large part of this and we’re really excited about future integrations with Workable and where it might take us,” John Grotegut.

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