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Hyper-targeted, social media job advertising campaigns effectively match up qualified talent with hard-to-fill positions. They’re also a powerful way of boosting your employer brand. But they usually take (valuable) time to build; manually researching a qualified longlist and then reaching out in the most effective way. Which means they can also be expensive; especially if you’ve outsourced to an external recruiter or social marketing agency.

We’ve known for a while there must be a better way. We developed built-in sourcing tools to make finding best-fit candidates faster and more accurate. That met a large part of the challenge. But there was still a piece missing. Until now. Now, we’ve completed the circle by launching Campaigns.

Campaigns syncs up our unique, built-in, AI-powered sourcing tools with the world’s most dominant social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. It produces hyper-targeted, far-reaching job ad campaigns across both channels to deliver qualified talent straight into your hiring pipeline. And it reduces your cost per hire and your time to hire. Want to find out more?

With Workable Campaigns, you can build a hyper-targeted recruiting process. Request a demo to learn more today.

Reach best-fit candidates where they spend their time

If you’re recruiting for niche or hard-to-fill roles you need to look further than traditional job boards and professional networking sites. Most Facebook users aren’t active job seekers. And, yet, a 2017 Economic Impact Report shows that 1 in 4 people in the US searched or found a job through the site. With stats like these, it’s no surprise that companies are starting to use Facebook for recruiting employees. Which is one of the reasons we built Campaigns.

Facebook ads for recruiting | Building a Campaign

Campaigns transforms social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram into powerful recruiting tools. It harnesses the popularity and power of these channels to reach rich, warm pools of active and passive talent where they spend time every day.

Intelligent social advertising of jobs to a custom audience

When you’re hiring in a competitive, niche market, speed matters. Fueled by machine learning, Campaigns runs quickly to find, and then convert into applicants, qualified candidates your competitors can’t reach at scale. Here’s how it works:

  • Our AI tech extracts relevant, unique information from the job you’ve created in Workable.
  • Using this data, it scans millions of public online profiles to generate a longlist of qualified candidates.
  • This longlist is cross-matched with public profiles on two of the world’s biggest social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Workable launches a targeted ad campaign, optimized for maximum reach, across both platforms, for all matching profiles.
  • Job ads appear in relevant candidates’ News Feed.
  • Candidates express an interest directly from their social media feed.
  • Public data gathered by our sourcing tech generates enriched candidate profiles for interested candidates.
  • Interested candidates feed automatically into the ‘Sourced’ stage of your Workable pipeline and are prompted to complete a full application form.

Campaigns example

Running automatically and intelligently, it takes a week on average to complete a successful campaign that delivers best-fit applicants straight into your pipeline.

Five standout stats from our beta testing

Campaigns puts powerful, complex candidate search functionality into the hands of hiring teams. For a fixed price of $499 per campaign, it empowers recruiters and hiring managers to become effective marketers. Based on skillset rather than demographic data, it delivers the reach and returns expected from a bespoke, agency-run social recruiting campaign without the high cost and with reduced unconscious bias. And it does it faster too. How do we know? Because we’ve got the stats to show.

Facebook ads for recruiting | Campaign stats

Over the past few months we’ve been beta testing Campaigns with some of our customers. Here’s what we’ve found:

  1. Every campaign targets on average 1000+ qualified prospects.
  2. For each job, around 10-20 qualified applicants are sourced and added directly into your pipeline.
  3. It takes 1 week on average to run a successful campaign.
  4. The weighted average conversion rate is 1.61% (compared to a recruitment marketing industry benchmark of 0.47%).

As well as reducing cost per hire and time to hire, using Campaigns for job advertising on social media brings big benefits to your employer brand.

Amplify your employer brand

Campaigns is optimized to amplify your employer brand when connecting with potential candidates. Every ad uses the company logo associated with your Workable account. This means that you get high visibility of your employer brand (as well as your job) across the 1000+ pool of prospects who receive it in their feed.

Facebook ads for recruiting | Ads Preview

Approaching potential candidates through social media is also a warmer, less intrusive approach than sending cold emails. And because each ad is quality-controlled and hyper-targeted, connections with potential candidates are meaningful, focused and more likely to resonate.

Ready to get started?

If you’ve got a Workable account you can get started right away. Go to the ‘Find Candidates’ tab after you’ve created your job, click and make the payment and you’re all set. Our tech takes over from there. If you need more info, you can find step-by-step details on how it all works in our Campaigns support article. Or, get in touch and we’ll happily talk it through. If you’re new to Workable, why not schedule a demo to find out more?

Looking for an all-in-one recruiting solution? Workable can improve candidate sourcing, interviewing and applicant tracking for a streamlined hiring process. Sign up for our 15-day free trial today.

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