Workable partners with pre-employment assessment platform, RightHire

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Pre-employment tests are an increasingly popular way of filtering large pools of candidates for your most popular jobs. Which is why we’re so pleased to announce our new integration with pre-employment assessment provider, RightHire.

Free, pre-employment assessments for 950+ jobs

RightHire offers over 950 free, job-specific tests covering a range of industries; from arts and entertainment to mining, oil and gas. Its high-quality, pre-hire assessment platform enables employers to assess the job-specific cognitive abilities and work personality characteristics of job applicants. By using RightHire’s platform, employers can save time, avoid bad hires and recruit employees with higher productivity and retention.

Integrated with Workable for better hiring decisions

Integrating RightHire with Workable is a quick and simple way of adding another level of rigour to your structured interview process. And, ultimately, of making better hiring decisions. It’s quick to set up and, once in place, empowers you to manage and view everything without leaving Workable. Using the integration you can:

  • Assign RightHire pre-employment assessments to specific stages for each of your jobs
  • Send assessments to candidates when they arrive at each stage
  • View the results and download a full copy of the report from each candidate’s Workable timeline

More integrations coming soon

We’re always working on new integration partnerships so that everyone’s hiring tech stack syncs together; you shouldn’t have to be a systems implementation expert to have a great experience across all of your hiring tools. If you’re a Workable user and have a tool you’d love to see integrated with Workable, let us know! If you’re a software provider, why not find out more about our Developer Partner Program and get involved?

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Rob Long

Rob Long is VP Partnerships at Workable. He's a former recruiter who writes mostly about hiring best practice. He tweets at @_roblong.

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