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Over time, you get to collect hundreds of job applications for your company. You know there’s gems to be found in your candidate archives.

Good candidates you’ve interviewed for a position and didn’t get the job, but would be suitable for this new position you have today.

Full-text resume searching

I don’t know about you, but I wish there was a quick way to answer questions like:

  • Which candidates mention ‘customer support’ in their resume?
  • Get me a list of WordPress developers we’ve interviewed in the last 3 months
  • Do we have any candidates who used to work for our competitor?

I don’t have the time to search through my mail, or manually scan hundreds of PDFs for keywords. So I nagged our developers to build full-text resume keyword search for candidates into Workable.

Search for anything

It took a lot of nagging. We wanted everything to be searchable. LinkedIn profiles, PDFs, Word documents, answers to questions. Everything.

candidate keyword search

Did you notice it highlights the matching text? Isn’t that cool? And yes, it also ranks the results according to where it found the match. Obviously, if someone has your keyword in their headline or job title, it’s more relevant than finding it in paragraph 8 of the cover letter. Go on, give it a try.

More than just search

Keywords don’t tell you the full story. Workable knows the history of every candidate. You want to use this information to narrow down your search.

That’s why we went the extra mile and added drill-down filters.

So, you want to find people who applied in the last 3 months, passed the phone screen and have the phrase “Customer support” in their resume? Right, it takes about 9 seconds to do that. (Honestly, I timed it)

Wait, this means I can upload a bunch of resumes and they’re instantly searchable?


And every candidate that ever applied to my company?

Of course.

Does it search all my candidates, even the ones in closed and archived positions?

You bet it does!

I want to try it!

What are you waiting for? Just click “candidates” at the top of your Workable screen, or simply type stuff in the search box. Not using Workable yet? Try it for free.

Any updates since this article was first posted?

Yes! We’ve recently launched Snooze a Candidate. Now, if you have a great candidate who’s not available right now, or would be the perfect fit for a role you have coming up, you can set them on ‘Snooze’ and add a reminder to contact them at a later date. Never lose track of a great candidate again.

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