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We’re happy to announce that we rolled out several new features and improvements today. In the few weeks since we started the open beta we’re seeing more and more people using Workable and we’ve received some great feedback.

Recruitment activity reports

We’ve given you a variety of filters to help you browse the hiring activity stream. Many of you, especially those with many open positions and hiring managers asked for this feature. Here’s some examples of what you can do with filters:

Filter by type of activity

Want to see just the new candidates assigned for phone screen? Use this filter to quickly spot the ones you need to schedule a call with. Did we make any offers last week? Easy to check.

Filter by job position

Did we make any progress on that new intern position we have? Use this when you just want to see what’s been happening with a specific opening.

Recent comments

This is a quick way to catch anything of note that your colleagues have jotted down. Combine it with the above to see recent notes on a specific hire.

View activity by a specific user

Marc just told you he reviewed new candidates this morning? Use this option to see what he shortlisted, what comments he made. Combine it with a specific job position, or filter it to only see the candidates he shortlisted.

The new filters give you the power to see what matters to you, and we’re sure you’ll find many creative ways to improve your hiring with them.

How others are using it:
One of our users says he always wants to hear the feedback of a particular colleague who’s, well, let’s say “very critical” with interviewees. He’s been telling us, “the first thing I want to see when I review candidates, is her comments – if her review is good, the candidate is bulletproof”. Well now he can filter by job position, by comments and ask to only see activities by her – and voila.

Custom subdomains

Now you can set up your own custom subdomain (e.g. for your careers site. The option is in the career page settings on your account.

Free job import service

Do you need help setting up your current open positions in Workable? We are now offering a free import service. Just send us an email with the open positions you have (send us job descriptions or a link to a web page where you’ve published them) and we’ll do the rest. Find more details in our support center.

Stay tuned. More features are coming in the next few weeks, including the ability to auto-post to job boards and easy integration with your careers section on your own website.

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