Recruiting roles, confidential comments and clean emails

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Today we released three much-anticipated new features that improve recruitment collaboration and candidate feedback collection.

Recruiting roles, private comments and natural emails.

Hiring team managers

We are introducing the “hiring manager” role to help you separate your hiring team members from the people in charge of a position’s recruitment. The hiring team section of each job now gives you the option to designate one or more team members as hiring managers.

Designate team members as hiring managers within Workable

A hiring manager has full access to the position. When comments and emails are confidential (see below) they will be seen by ‘Hiring Managers’ and Admins only, which means that ‘members’ cannot see the information discussed. This role is best assigned to the head of the hiring department and/or senior management.

Account administrators continue to have all the rights of a hiring manager for all positions, so this is the designation you should reserve for your HR admins or top-management.

Private candidate feedback comments

We’ve also added an option to mark a comment or email as confidential. Confidential comments or emails are only accessible by the administrators and the hiring manager of the position the candidate has applied for.

Confidential hiring comments in Workable

You can use confidential comments to make notes that contain restricted information such as salary, offer letters, contracts, discussion of personal/private matters with the candidate, and so on.

Confidential comments are marked everywhere in the interface with a “padlock” icon, so you can distinguish them from normal comments. Find out more about adding comments and interview notes.

Cleaner emails

We have drastically simplified the formatting on emails sent to candidates and email notifications. Yes, the email template we had was sleek and pretty, but it felt more like receiving an automated message from a software and less like a human conversation.

We made it simpler, more human, totally transparent to the user. Find out more about what happens when a candidate applies via Workable.

Emails you sent look very much like a regular email, plain and personal. We reduced the extras that Workable puts in the email to the bare minimum required: a “reply above this line” note in the beginning of all messages and a hyperlinked footnote pointing to the job position and the candidate’s profile page for quick access.

Now the emails you send to candidates will have the look and feel of a personal message. And the notifications you get about comments have a lot less clutter, help you focus on the content and are much more readable on small screens and mobile devices.

As always, we’re keen to hear your feedback about the new features.

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