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Have you seen the new candidate pipeline yet? Or our much-anticipated recruiting reports? Your Workable account has already been upgraded with new goodies.

Before you dive in to the new Workable, here’s what to expect:

The Workable recruiting pipeline
The numbers look different
The large number now shows the total number of candidates you have in each stage. The small number in the top corner shows how many candidates you’re still working on, i.e. not including the rejected ones.

Where’s rejected?
The problem with the old “rejected” stage was that when you rejected someone you lost track of the stage they were in before being disqualified. This way, searching for someone that made it to the 2nd interview but didn’t get the job would be impossible. Now, disqualified candidates remain in the stage they were – we just display them differently so you can clearly see who’s still “in the game”.

What happened to my good old in review stage? What’s sourced and applied?
What used to be the “in review” stage is now called “applied“. These are candidates coming from job boards or your website – as they always did. We added the “sourced” stage as a placeholder for passive candidates. Maybe this is a candidate you’ve just uploaded or an old candidate copied from another job. What’s different about them is that you probably need to ask them first if they are interested in the job, and that’s why it’s handy to have them separate.

Wait, did you just say I can customise the pipeline?
Yes we did. Not everyone recruits in exactly the same way. Maybe you have two interview stages instead of one, or you do an assessment after your phone screening. Welcome to the new, customisable recruiting pipeline. You can edit the pipeline, change the stage names, add new stages and classify them by type.
Oh, and one last thing..
Workable recruiting reports stage 1
What? We’ve got reports? What’s in them?
We introduced two new recruiting reports. One shows you the number of candidates coming in by day or week, and the other shows you the sources of candidates. (e.g. LinkedIn, Indeed, social media or your website)

Pretty graphs. What’s the clever bit?
With the new pipeline we can tell how many of those candidates passed the first screening, so you can not only see which sources bring you the most candidates but also which sources bring you candidates that are actually good for you – based on your own judgement.

What took you so long?
A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. A wizard arrives precisely when he wants to. Or, to put it more accurately, a Wizard arrives as soon as the developers have tested and refined everything so it works perfectly on arrival…

Hope you enjoy the new features. As always I’m eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Update, March 2016

We’ve now added a full suite of recruiting reports! If you need more hands-on access to your recruiting data, this is also available via an integration with Amazon Redshift.

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