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A few months ago we announced the launch of People Search for Workable customers. Today we announce it as a free talent sourcing tool available to everyone.

A Chrome extension, People Search is an advanced tool for sourcing passive candidates. Our aim was to transform candidate sourcing—and the feedback we’ve received from recruiters and HR professionals has been overwhelmingly positive…

“I can source 100s of candidates each day, verify their social graph and connect faster with People Search. One simple tool, a job well done.”
Michelle Coventry
Talent Advisor @ Kindred Capital VC

Increased candidate response rates, better talent pipelines, less research time per prospect. These are just a few of the reasons why so many of you are cheering about People Search.

And so:

More meaningful outreach

Passive candidates are demanding more and more from recruiters. Intolerant to impersonalized, automated, mass communication, response rates rocket with a personal approach.

Use People Search to hyper-personalize your outreach. With a single search, information from millions of online profiles and trusted data sources is aggregated, de-duplicated and organized. The result is a rich candidate profile including information like contact details, work experience and links to social and professional profiles. It’s fast, and accurate.

Contact the best talent directly via their personal email address. A smarter way to build engagement from the beginning, People Search can save up to 30 minutes’ research-time per candidate.

Free in a couple of clicks

It takes just two quick clicks to transform your candidate sourcing strategy for free. And forever.

Click 1. Go to the People Search page on the Chrome store.

Click 2. Tap the ‘Add to Chrome’ button – you’ll find it at the top right of the page.

A free People Search plan offers full functionality and 10 scouts (full, detailed profile views) each month, with a limit of three scouts a day. There’s no fixed period for this. It’s free on this basis for as long as you want it to continue. So, with People Search, you can commit to a long-term, new strategy for sourcing passive candidates.

Once you’ve added the extension, use it straight away to source rich, real-time, accurate data for quality prospects and start filling up your talent pipelines. Reached your 10-view limit? No problem. Recruiter Licenses are available to purchase direct from the Chrome extension. Licenses provide unlimited email and resume search. Need multiple licenses for your team? Please get in touch.

New ways to source talent

People Search opens up new opportunities for free, context-based candidate sourcing. The Chrome extension can be used in different ways, depending on where you begin your search. For example:

  • when you’ve been referred a candidate by name alone, click the People Search icon in your Chrome toolbar. Search for them by name, review their profile and get in touch directly.
  • when you’ve read something promising online, highlight the name of the author, right click and select People Search to find out more about their work and background.
  • when you’re sourcing multiple candidates on professional sites like GitHub and discover a prospect, click the icon in your toolbar to review a full, detailed profile.

Now matter how you choose to search, every full profile is available to download as a PDF. Upload them straight to your ATS and start building a candidate database of your own.

For more detailed information on how research, timing and approach can all impact success in this area, see our post on passive recruitment. If you’re new to candidate sourcing and want more details on the best approach, catch-up with our tutorial, how to personalize emails to passive candidates. Alternatively, find out more about People Search and start sourcing candidates today.

Looking for an all-in-one recruiting solution? Workable can improve candidate sourcing, interviewing and applicant tracking for a streamlined hiring process. Sign up for our 15-day free trial today.

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