Workable integrates with Jobs on Facebook for easier, high-volume hiring

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If you hire at volume for entry-level or customer-facing roles, job boards are still the most economical and effective sourcing tool around. Which is why we’re so excited to announce our integration with Facebook’s new, free job board, Jobs on Facebook.

Jobs on Facebook is a game-changing addition to our existing job board portfolio. Now, you can advertise jobs on Facebook — to up to 2 billion potential applicants on the world’s largest social network — in one click. All without leaving Workable.

A vast, untapped candidate pool

New to the market, Jobs on Facebook provides a centralized jobs dashboard which harnesses the power of Facebook’s vast and loyal social network. It makes it easier for businesses to reach and hire the right applicants by connecting companies to high volumes of potential employees who visit the site every day.

Candidates can bookmark the dashboard and search by job type or industry to find nearby roles that match. Job posts are also boosted to relevant audiences through targeted ads, which appear automatically in Marketplace and News Feeds.

With its extensive, targeted reach, the Jobs on Facebook job board is ideal for high volume hiring. And particularly good news for small or medium-sized businesses with multiple new roles to fill. Most Facebook users aren’t active job seekers. And, yet, a 2017 Economic Impact Report shows that 1 in 4 people in the US searched or found a job through the site. Jobs on Facebook puts businesses directly in touch with an untapped, rich and regular pool of active and passive talent. And it enables companies to connect with this talent directly from an environment that’s familiar and accessible.

Post jobs to up to 2 billion potential candidates in one click

With our one-time setup, there’s no need to log in and out to access Facebook’s vast network of users. You can post to Facebook’s free job board (and our other integrated job boards) directly from Workable, in one click. Simply fill in a few small details on the integrations settings page of your Workable account, and that’s it. With that in place, every time you publish a new role it automatically appears on Facebook’s free jobs dashboard (although it’s easy to opt out on a per job basis if you want to). Any applications submitted through Facebook feed automatically back into your Workable account, where you can view and track them. No fiddly exports or downloads needed.

A seamless experience for candidates

The process is equally as seamless and straightforward for candidates. Optimized for mobile, users can search and apply for jobs on-the-go, while they’re browsing the site. Applications are submitted directly from Facebook via a simple, clear ‘Apply’ button. Much of the information is pre-filled, but it’s easy to add or remove data before it’s sent.

By making it so easy for candidates to apply, businesses stand a better chance of attracting a bigger pool of qualified candidates. And a better chance of hiring successfully at scale.

Ready to integrate?

It only takes a few minutes to set up and use Facebook Jobs with Workable. All you need to provide is a company address. If you’ve got a Facebook Business page then it helps to add that too, but it’s not essential. For more details on this, and other pointers, check out our Jobs on Facebook support article. And remember, we’re here to answer any questions or provide more info whenever you need it—just get in touch.

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