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People Search is a powerful, candidate-sourcing tool from Workable. A free, standalone Chrome extension, which also integrates with Workable’s ATS, it’s transforming how recruiters find emails and resumes, and reach out to passive prospects.

In a series of blog posts, customers from different sectors and of varying shapes and sizes explain why they use Workable and how its tools and products have impacted their recruiting and hiring process.

And more…

This time, we venture outside the world of HR, to connect with the Partnerships team at InVision. Here, they tell us how Workable’s ATS led them to People Search and a new, more advanced talent sourcing strategy.

Workable creates a buzz

Based in New York, InVision supplies an intuitive, fully-interactive design and prototyping platform to a wide and distributed customer base, from Saatchi & Saatchi to ZipCar and LinkedIn. Its sophisticated suite of tools promotes a creative and collaborative approach to design.

Over the past year, the company has expanded very rapidly. So, in turn, has its HR function.

InVision’s Stephen Olmstead began using Workable’s Applicant Tracking System to manage recruitment efforts when he joined the company in 2014. Growing fast, he needed a fully-automated, start-to-finish solution to manage complex candidate sourcing needs. Workable’s ATS and its associated tools met those needs.

Stephen’s introduction to Workable uncovered comprehensive hiring pipelines, a system designed to nurture and track talent; and more…

Since then, Workable has become fully and firmly embedded in InVision’s high-achieving, talent sourcing strategy and acquisition process. It’s also become a byword across the wider company for providing software that supports excellence, innovation, efficiency and achievement.

Stephen continued to use the Workable platform when his role shifted to VP of Partnerships. Having been immersed in its functionality for several years, he immediately noticed the addition of the recently-launched People Search Chrome extension for sourcing candidates.

Scanning millions of online profiles and trusted data sources to produce rich social and content profiles, People Search was a perfect fit for the Partnerships team.

Quick off the mark, Stephen created a separate InVision Partnerships Workable account and introduced the Chrome extension to his team.

How things change…

Finding rich, accurate information about influencers used to drain resources. Now, InVision’s UX & Content Strategist, Jennifer Aldrich, highlights or types in a name from her browser and leaves it to People Search.

People Search scours the internet for me and brings back accurate, detailed information in seconds. This lets me to focus on sharing the wonderful content partners create and building deeper personal relationships with design community members.”

Designers tend to shift to new companies more quickly than in most industries. People Search keeps Jennifer connected, even when those shifts happen.

“When I attend conferences, I run into industry influencers who create incredible content. People Search allows me to discover their most used content sharing platforms in seconds, rather than scouring the internet for hours sifting through multitudes of social channels.”


It’s also hyper-personalized outreach. With a single search, information from multiple social and professional sources is pulled together into a unified, complete candidate profile.

“Designers tend to be more active in some networks than others. When I uncover exceptional content, I often reach out to the creators to see if they’d be interested in syndicating their content on our blog. Some designers only reply to emails, while others monitor their social media channels closely instead. People change jobs so often that contact information becomes out of date pretty rapidly. People Search is a fantastic solution to this issue. Getting accurate contact information quickly is so powerful.”

A match made in software heaven

Working hand-in-hand with People SearchInVision’s Partnership team now do less leg-work and more head-work. Focusing their skills and specialisms on building community relationships, through People Search they’ve also found the key to:

  • Faster, more focused research
  • Streamlined, intuitive workflow
  • Instant access to fantastic content
  • Timely, direct and accurate communication channels.

As long-term users and big fans of InVision’s powerful collaborative tools, this is great news for us as well as for them. Their platform has had a major impact on how we prototype our various products.

We’ve recently launched an iOS Workable app and an Android Workable app. Designs for these came to life super quickly, iterations were easy and immediate, and the results genuinely collaborative thanks to InVision. It feels good to know we’re doing a similar thing for them; that People Search is making a difference across multiple areas of their growing business.

It’s a win-win match made in software heaven.

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