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The most coveted award in hiring

Daniel Howden

We made Workable because we thought hiring was more complicated than it should be. We thought software could remove a lot of the tedium and leave more time for the creative and interesting parts of hiring. The stuff that involves people.

Hiring is important and can be hard

We’re lucky to be in a period where companies regardless of their size can afford to hire ambitiously. There’s always more to learn and we believe in sharing good ideas.

Hiring ambitiously

So to recognize some of that great work and the great people doing it, we’re proud to launch The Workies — awards for innovation and inspiration in hiring.

From careers pages and referral programs, to job descriptions and employer branding, we’re looking to showcase what’s being done with flair!

Check out the categories and nominate a deserving company, especially if it’s your own.

Entries will remain open until November 27th, with a shortlist of nominees to be announced soon after. Prizes, which will focus on team-building and training, will be announced on December 11th.


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