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We keep hearing that your favorite feature of Workable is the simple and versatile hiring collaboration.

But many of you have asked for finer control over the email notifications you receive, who gets them, when and how often.

We think you’re right. More flexible collaboration means higher engagement by your team, better feedback and good hiring decisions. So we’re making some changes to give you more control of your collaboration mechanics – to suit the way your team likes to work.

We think we found the way to give you all the control you need, without sacrificing the simplicity that you’ve come to expect from Workable.

Introducing “follow candidate”

On every candidate’s profile you’ll find the “followers” bar, at the top of the candidate timeline. People who follow a candidate receive email notifications about comments made on the candidate’s profile and about email discussions with the candidate.


All the collaborators can still see the candidate and all the timeline of comments by going to the candidate profile – this has not changed. Following a candidate only affects whether you will receive updates/notifications in your mail about new things happening with that candidate.


When you post a comment on a candidate, you are automatically added to the followers list – we assume that if you’re writing a comment on a candidate you’ll want to receive notifications about future comments made by your colleagues

Choosing when to engage your team

Adding hiring team members as collaborators

You can add or remove colleagues from the followers list (see the buttons highlighted left and right, above). This gives you a straightforward way to engage or disengage people on your team at different stages of the hiring process.

Say, you want to draw a colleague’s attention to a particular candidate. You just add them to the followers list before you make a comment, and they will receive an email notification so they can jump in the conversation.

Or, maybe you’ve been discussing a candidate but now you’ll have a few back-and-forth emails to arrange interview times, etc. And you don’t want everyone in the followers list to get a ton of notifications about these administrative tasks. Just take them out of the followers list, and you can always add them again when it comes to evaluate the candidate.

Who can follow

Only the collaborators for the positions the candidate is in can be added to the list of followers. If you need to engage a colleague, you need to make him/her a collaborator for that position first, so they can see the candidate, before they subscribe to the candidate’s updates.

What happens to past candidates / conversations?

To help you transition to the new system, if you have posted a comment or exchanged emails with a candidate in the past, we’ve automatically added you to the followers list for that candidate. So, if you’ve had a collaboration going on, you’ll be auto-subscribed to the candidate’s updates. Of course, you can always turn off the ones you don’t want to follow anymore. Find out more about following a candidate through the recruiting process.

Is it Workable?

Your feedback is what helps us make great features like this one. So we’re eager to hear what you think about it, how it’s helping you and what improvements you would like to see. Drop us an email at [email protected]. We’re all ears.

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