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When it comes to outbound recruiting, there’s no magic formula to finding that perfect hire. But working from a rich, varied and relevant longlist of potential candidates is a powerful place to start. Today we’re releasing Auto-Suggest, an automatic way of finding candidates based on a detailed analysis of your job description and requirements.

After reviewing the engagement rates of passive prospects, we’ve found it takes around 200 potential candidates to get the right number of interviews you need to make one successful hire. Sourcing at that level can be time consuming—with hours spent researching candidates for each new role. There’s also the challenge of creating a list diverse enough to offer the breadth of talent your search demands.

Well, the good news is if that sounds familiar, the way you find candidates is set to get a lot easier. Within minutes of having your requisition approved, Workable can now auto-generate a rich, personalized longlist of quality candidates for you. This means you can get in contact with candidates faster and start nurturing meaningful relationships with your preferred shortlist. The result is a reduction in time to hire, potential savings on cost per hire, a more diverse set of candidates and a successful hire at the end of it all.

Sophisticated, automated sourcing at your fingertips

Using Auto-Suggest, Workable carries out a personalized Boolean search so you don’t have to. Hard at work behind the scenes is a sophisticated set of algorithms. But your role is straightforward:

  1. Create a job in Workable – this activates the feature.
  2. From the dashboard find the job’s hiring pipeline and click ‘Find People’ – You’ll get taken to the People Search options, open at the Auto-Suggest tab. Hit ‘Suggest Candidates’ and Workable will perform a deep and complex analysis of the job description, combine this with knowledge of your organization and industry, and use our powerful search tool to create a longlist of up to 200 of matching candidates.
  3. Review the list and add chosen candidates to your pipeline.
  4. Share with your hiring team.
  5. Reach out to candidates directly from Workable.

If you’re a hiring manager juggling a broad range of tasks, finding time for targeted sourcing can be a challenge. With Auto-Suggest, hard-pressed hiring teams get the power and expertise of an internal recruiter or talent acquisition manager at the touch of a button.

For internal or agency recruiters focused on finding candidates for hard-to-fill roles, Auto-Suggest does the groundwork for you. Which means you can move fast to progress with your shortlist and focus your efforts further along the funnel, where they really matter. And, because Auto-Suggest is source agnostic it has the power to diversify your talent pool. With unconscious bias eliminated, there’s greater potential for searching outside of your traditional networks.

Built-in checks for compliant sourcing

If you’re zoned in on sourcing and keen to contact candidates before they’re snapped up, GDPR compliance could easily be missed along the way. Which is why we’ve got your back.

If the job you’re sourcing for is located in Europe, Auto-Suggest will carry out automated data-protection checks for you.

30 days after your original search, candidates sourced but not contacted or added to your hiring pipeline will be deleted. All you need to do is make sure the one-off, GDPR feature pack setting is enabled in your account and we’ll take care of the rest. Simple.

Tried and tested and already making a difference

We’ve spent the past few months beta-testing Auto-Suggest with a group of customers. And feedback we’ve received so far shows us it’s already making a difference.

“We used Auto-Suggest to source for three executive level, hard-to-fill positions,” says Emmanuel Boileau, Company Partner at GXB. “We were looking for a General Manager of a plant in Montréal, a Global Head of Compliance and Ethics, and a Senior VP for Capital Program Management. This went very well—the candidates were a great match.”

For Emmanuel and his team finding high volume talent for hard-to-fill, roles was a continual struggle. But while trialling Auto-Suggest they sourced 150 candidates in minutes.

If you want to find out more about Auto-Suggest or Workable in general, please get in touch.

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