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Recruiting software is a useful tool – but it’s nothing without great candidates to fill your pipeline. If you’re not sourcing passive candidates then you’ll need to tell job seekers that you’re hiring.

Regular Workable users will know that we make it easy to post to multiple free and premium job boards in one go. Job boards all have common requirements that must be met before an advert will be accepted, so Workable also helps you to meet those requirements and get the job posted faster.

So what’s new?

Last week we announced the new look job editor and this week we’ve made it even easier to post to multiple job boards. You’ll see some small changes in the interface which we think will make a big difference.

A shopping cart
Previously when posting to multiple premium job boards, payments were made individually. You can now buy all job posts with just a few clicks using the shopping cart. This works whether payments are made by card, or with Job Credits.

job board shopping cart

Multiple job boards, one invoice
Buying multiple postings in one go means that you’ll now receive just one invoice. Easier to keep track of, the invoice will list the name of the job, every board purchased, the individual price and the combined total.

Faster ways to fix issues
Every job board works a little differently. We’ve updated our messaging and the interface to make any changes you need to make clearer, and faster to action.

Tabs and filters
You’ll see two new tabs in the interface, one for Paid Job Boards, and one for Free. To the right of the page are filtering options:

group job boards by type

Filter the display to view job boards by type (general/specialist) or by status (active/inactive).

You’ll be pleased to know that the new layout also makes it easier to spot promotions and special offers for job boards in your chosen location, or specialism.

I hope this helps give a quick overview. Our ears are always open if you have any feedback, and we’re always here to help if you need hand! Feel free to get in touch.

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Heath Allen

Heath is the former Director of Partnerships at Workable. He posted regularly about our partnerships and integrations. Interested in partnering with Workable? Find out more.

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