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We’ve made posting job advertisements even easier and more effective using Workable. Find out what we’ve done and why…

Stats over speculation

2017 began with some serious data crunching here at Workable. We published our first Benchmark Hiring Report using information from 600 of our London-based users. When it came to candidate sourcing, the stats told a powerful story. 26% of all hires came from advertising on job boards. 13% from companies’ own careers pages. Only 1% from social media sites. Hardly the dramatic shift over to social media many have been predicting. The majority of our London users are tech companies who don’t traditionally source from job boards. So even in a competitive market, they still carry significant weight.

Convinced by our data that job boards are still very much in the running, we’ve recently made some enhancements to our job editor. It’s now even easier and quicker to produce top quality job advertisements, get maximum exposure, and attract the best candidates by posting jobs using Workable.

What’s new with Workable job postings?

With our latest updates you can produce detailed, optimized job advertisements quickly and intuitively.

how to write an effective job title

  • Auto-suggestions for job titles
    As soon as you start typing in the job title field, our editor will offer you a list of job titles to choose from. Select one, or type in your own to override.
    Why? Using standard or common job titles means applicants are more likely to find your role when they search using job boards. It also means your job posting is more likely to be approved by those boards.
  • Auto-suggestions for locations
    Using information from your company profile, we’ll automatically populate the job location field. You can override this by typing in your own location.
    Why? Having an accurate location helps effectively target your job on job boards and attract applications from the most appropriate candidates.

Get editable job description templates

  • Import from over 400 editable sample job descriptions
    You can now search through Workable’s library of 700+ job description templates directly from the job editor. Workable will pre-select job descriptions based on the information you’ve provided, but again, you can override this if you need to. Once you’ve got your template, choose the information you want to include from each of the three different sections (description, responsibilities and requirements) and import it into the job editor. All of our descriptions are search engine optimized and cover a range of roles, industries and sectors. With the basics in place, you can now add value where it matters. Personalize your description by adding in those finer details that define your brand, culture and personality.
    Why? You’re more likely to attract the right candidates using a high quality, detailed job description that has the right keywords. Our templates help you meet the criteria for all job boards, kickstart the process by offering ideas and content, and save you time having to draft from scratch.

How to write a great job description

  • Hints and tips
    We’ve added some quick tips within the job editor to help you draft a high quality job description that will meet job board approval. These suggestions range from how best to format your description to the kind of language to use. You’ll find our hints and tips on the right-hand side of the page as your draft your description.
    Why? Job boards have certain criteria that needs to be met before they’ll post your job. We know the kind of details that make a difference. So, we’ve shared this knowledge inside the job editor to act as a prompt. Applying these guidelines will help to ensure your job advertisements are accepted quickly and seamlessly by all of the relevant boards, and performs well once published.
  • Import benefits
    You can also import company benefits into your job description by using previous jobs you’ve posted. Choose to import everything or cherry-pick a selection from your list.
    Why? It saves time and supports consistency across all of your job ads.

What’s next? The four Cs of advertising a job

So, you’ve got a top quality job advertisement, you’ve produced it in record time, and it meets all the guidelines for job board syndication. What’s next?


Posting across multiple job boards means you’ll get more candidates to choose from. But also more applications to process. Screen them faster by opting to use Workable’s customizable employment application form.

Automatic screening question for job application form

Decide on your dealbreakers (eligibility to work perhaps, or qualification) and set these as knockout questions. That way the job application form does some of the screening for you; candidates who don’t meet the criteria will be automatically disqualified. You can also ask questions in different formats and for examples of work to help narrow down your selection. Importing your job requirements into a form is a quick and easy way to ensure you’ve got the key areas covered. Once you’ve designed a form that works for you, save it and re-use it on other jobs when you need to.


Workable’s job board syndication network is one of the largest, integrating with 100+ job boards. Workable reaches millions of job seekers in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America through a huge range of free and premium, international and local job boards.

post to free job boards

Free job board posting
Using Workable you can post to 15+ free job boards in one submission. We’ll automatically schedule your job advertisements to appear on all the free job posting sites for employers in your area. If you already know that some job boards perform better for your company than others, click the ‘Free job boards’ tab to select just the boards you need.

Paid job boards
To boost visibility and attract more targeted candidates, use Workable to integrate with specialist and paid job boards. Our job editor syndicates with a broad range of niche sites like StackOverflow, Dice and Dribbble and integrates with any existing recruiter accounts you may have. Pay for your job advertisements using job slots from these accounts or buy ads directly from Workable (Workable has special rates for some job boards). If you’re a company with multiple hiring teams you can use Workable Job Credits to centralize payments. If you’re based in the USA, then Pay Per Applicant is another cost effective way to advertise a job.

International and local job boards
Part of our paid job board package, Workable partners with The Network, an affiliation of the world’s leading job boards. Covering 130+ countries, The Network brings together the best local recruitment services into a powerful global solution.


We’ll let you know quickly (within 12-24 hours) if any of your job descriptions need changing to get accepted by a job board. You’ll get an email explaining the problem, and the changes that you can make to fix it. We’ll also highlight the issue at the source; on the job editor, in your Workable account.


You can post to all relevant job boards directly from Workable with just one submission. All the applications you receive, across all boards and all sources, are accessible from one central place and presented in one consistent format.

job dashboard - an overview of your hiring

From your Workable dashboard, monitor how and where your jobs are being advertised. See in real-time how many candidates have viewed and applied from each job board, and dig deeper into the data with candidate source reports.

Time to evaluate

Workable provides a range of recruiting data (from sources, views and hires, to total applications and progressed candidates) for all of your job boards, so you can make informed changes to your future job advertising strategy.

See job board performance in candidate source reports

Use our candidate source reports to track the success of each job board or social network, and see which platforms are attracting the highest quality candidates.

The bigger picture

So job boards do matter. Admittedly, they’re no longer the only hiring tool on the block. Standalone, candidate sourcing tools like People Search are being increasingly used to find talent where intent is low or for specialist or senior roles.

Social media is still a powerful presence when it comes to extending reach and boosting social referrals. You can post directly to Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn without leaving the Workable platform. Adding a Jobs Tab to your Facebook page using Workable’s one-step integration is also a great way of talking to passive candidates. There’s no coding required, and it automatically updates every time you add or update a job in Workable. But when it comes to attracting inbound candidates where intent is high, job boards are popular, powerful and full of potential. They’re also a breeze to master if you’re using an applicant tracking system like Workable.

Looking for an all-in-one recruiting solution? Workable can improve candidate sourcing, interviewing and applicant tracking for a streamlined hiring process. Sign up for our 15-day free trial today.

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Fiona McSweeney

Fiona McSweeney is a product marketing writer at Workable. She shares the latest news on product features, new releases and a little of what life is like behind the scenes at Workable.

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